National Private Line service provides reliable and secure point-to-point connectivity throughout India. Via a 50,000-km optical fiber network and more than 300 Points of Presence, it includes optional low-latency synchronous connectivity of up to 100G with fast, dependable disaster recovery.

This service also integrates seamlessly with our international network so you can easily connect your global and domestic operations through a single service provider. The layer 1 services can be offered on diverse bandwidths and interface options with defined latencies and redundancies available to suit customer requirements, with 24x7x365 support.

If your enterprise depends on moving data safely and securely between strategic locations, a dedicated circuit may be the solution. Our Private Line service gives you a highly-scalable, secure and protocol-transparent dedicated line for your most sensitive, mission-critical traffic.

Our NPL offering include following differentiated services

OTN & 100G

  • Offering transparent & high throughput service through OTN Switching
  • Highly flexible, agile & high capacity network
  • 100G client side hand off at key Tier-1 locations


Standard SDH

  • Available from E1 to STM64 level
  • Protected and Unprotected offering
  • Offered on Lease and IRU model



  • Available as 10G (WAN PHY) / 10GE (LAN PHY)
  • Protected and Unprotected offering
  • Offered on Lease and IRU model


Fiber Channel

  • High Speed (1/2/4/8/10 Gbps) SAN connectivity solution between DC and near DR
  • Low RTD with high uptimes
  • Ultra low latency for synchronous data replication