Tata Communications MOVE platform enables the launch of rich device (IoT) and human, secure global connectivity services with unparalleled control over cost and quality. The solution comprises Access; Infrastructure; Subscriber Management; Device Management; APIs; Self-Service Portal and Billing. It provides a managed service environment, supplemented by select partner capabilities, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness and time to market advantage.

Partnering with Tata Communications global mobile connect service brings new revenue streams, by unlocking silent roamers onto your network. Our global IoT connectivity service brings incremental revenue from a range of machine-to-machine and machine-to-human connections.

Tata Communications MOVE - MVNE

We can help any MVNO business enter the mobile market. As a worldwide provider of wholesale communications, we can enable your MVNO business both locally and globally with a complete MVNE managed service offering.

Tata Communications MOVE – MVNE for Mobile Network Operators

If you are a Mobile Network Operator who wants to launch a new sub-brand or manage your own MVNO programme, we help you launch these services quickly and cost effectively, without disrupting your existing business. We can also help you expand your services by launching yourself as an MVNO in new territories.