In today’s crowded, competitive market, personalised customer service and excellent experience management are critical growth drivers.   

A traditional contact centre can’t meet this demand – which is why systems integrators need to raise their game and build solutions that manage the complete digital customer experience. 

However, building and maintaining these next generation contact centres can be a challenge – it demands expert knowledge with skilled planning. Our cloud contact centre offering, InstaCC™ Global, combines the expertise of world leaders to deliver all this and more. 



Enhance customer experience, raise your game

InstaCC™ Global, both deploys on-demand, virtually anywhere in the world, and enables real-time, personalised and accurate responses to customer requests. Your customers benefit from improved customer satisfaction and brand reputation, while you’re able to extend your business reach with a provider you can trust.

  • Simple
    Enhance your portfolio with a single solution offering modular, pre-integrated CC applications, hosting, data connectivity and voice minutes 
  • Cost-effective
    Improve profitability by leveraging our proven service assurance and delivery across the globe
  • Consistent
    Mitigate risk and guarantee your customers secure, end-to-end, carrier-grade SLAs
  • Competitive
    Drive top-line growth and increase your market share

Your one-stop RTC shop

Our real-time communications (RTC) suite delivers a new paradigm of collaboration through web and mobile applications. Offer customers the ability to embed RTC capabilities into existing mobile apps and web pages, and they’ll be able to deliver connected experiences over voice, chat, video, augmented reality and more.

A service you can count on

With InstaCC™ Global your services run on a world-class, award-winning platform. We monitor everything 24/7, and ensure the highest possible level of security. It’s the unified, cost-efficient solution you need, to deliver the service your customers deserve. 

"TATA Communications, with its cloud contact center solution, InstaCC Global, is to my mind sitting on the future. For the first time, I have observed a telecom player move beyond being a traditional vendor and align itself to industry trends and help solve major challenges. I do not see a reason why any global BPO should not take advantage of this solution and focus instead on their core business capabilities"
- Raman Roy, MD & CEO, Quatrro

Hosted Contact Centre Service Provider of the Year
Fifth year in a row