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Tata Communications IZO™ Private Connect Fuels Emami's Leap to AWS with Reliable Connectivity

Explore how Emami Agrotech, a key player in India's agribusiness sector, transformed its digital infrastructure with Tata Communications. Facing challenges with connectivity across remote sites, Emami sought a solution for secure, reliable, and ubiquitous connectivity. Their choice? A collaboration with Tata Communications, deploying a robust solution with IZO™ Private Connect and MPLS. This partnership resulted in guaranteed high-quality network performance, 24/7 monitoring, minimal latency, and 99.9% application availability, enhancing productivity across multiple locations. For Emami, this upgrade to a stable network architecture was pivotal, allowing them to concentrate on business growth and reinforcing India's status as a global agricultural leader. Link to full case study: Tata Communications IZO™ Private Connect: