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Tata Communications IZO™ Private Connect Helps Dr. Reddy's with Fast & Secure Links to Google Cloud

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, a leading pharmaceutical company, partnered with Tata Communications to transform their IT infrastructure. To enhance their mission of providing affordable healthcare, Dr. Reddy's transitioned from an on-premise IT structure to a perfect cloud connection, adopting Tata Communications IZO™ Private Connect (Google Cloud Interconnect) powered by Tata Communications Global VPN. This strategic move enabled the seamless unification of nearly 60 locations across 30 countries into a single virtual team. The result? A remarkable 15-20 milliseconds latency, a 10-15% boost in efficiency, over 50 global locations connected in the cloud, and consistently high service levels. This transformation facilitated Dr. Reddy's smooth transition to the cloud, establishing Tata Communications as a trailblazing Partner of Choice in the healthcare sector. Link to full case study: IZO™ Private Connect: