Managed Big Data Services

Fully realise the potential of Big Data to make informed and incisive decisions that increase efficiency and enhance your user experience.

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Drive borderless growth with our Managed Big Data Service platform. Spread across the globe over a Tier 1 network, the service delivers secure and reliable connectivity wherever and whenever you need it.

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An enterprise-ready distribution hub means our service is good to go from the off, unleashing high performance while freeing up your IT teams to focus on business outcomes instead of data management.

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Fully supported

We offer 24/7/365 monitoring and management, as well as an end-to-end service consultation covering everything from design to monitoring, backed by SLA-driven service commitments.

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Choose between dedicated and shared service deployment models and scale on demand by paying for the capacity you select. Our service can also integrate with your own on-premise infrastructure if needed.

The scalable solution you’ve been looking for

As data generation expands exponentially, enterprises have an unprecedented opportunity to store and analyse this invaluable resource. Yet the sheer amount of data is causing bottlenecks – with the cost of storing and processing it rising every day.

Traditional data warehousing will soon be swamped by Big Data’s ever-greater volume and velocity. Which means you need a scalable solution that delivers credible ROI. That’s why we’ve developed a Managed Big Data service that lets you capture and use large volumes of data efficiently and cost-effectively.

Stay ahead of the change

Built on an enterprise-class Hadoop distribution platform, our service enables you to keep pace with ever-changing business priorities – enhancing productivity and delivering a better customer experience.

A modular service

Our Managed Big Data service is made up of four distinct modules, enabling your enterprise to match its delivery to your particular business needs. It’s also hosted on Tata Communications’ state-of-the-art infrastructure – specifically designed for Big Data workloads.


Vertical specific use-cases


  • Gain a consistent, complete picture of your customers across products, systems and interaction channels
  • Create personalised marketing to reduce churn and increase cross-sell and up-sell

Media and Entertainment

  • Leverage data to precisely identify customers’ media patterns and make personalised and context-driven recommendations
  • Use Big Data capabilities to explore and discover new, high-value data from the massive volumes of information available
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