IZO™ Public Connect

IZO™ Public Connect will unleash the full potential of the internet and cloud services in your business

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Built-in Agility

Offering improved Quality of Service (QoS), you can turn on the QoS feature to improve service deliverability against impacts from peak traffic.

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Cloud Enablement Service

Leveraging the full potential of the internet and cloud services, IZO™ Public Connect service delivers directly to customers with no visible lag or congestion.

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Public WAN

Using our centralised policy manager, you’ll be able to visibly monitor identified data flows, while our clear reporting systems keep you informed.

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Cost-Effective Approach

IZO™ Public Connect offers a truly scalable and cost-effective solution that makes the most of our application aware framework to deliver a premium service.

IZO™ Public Connect provides a dedicated and deterministic route for Tata Communications’ enterprise customers by tagging their data packets for pre-determined delivery over the public Internet.

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