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IZO™ Public Connect

IZO™ Public Connect enables a better cloud experience by delivering content and applications over the Internet

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Improve customer experience

Leverage the Quality of Service (QoS) feature to improve service experience for users whenever they are impacted by peak traffic times.

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Maximise global growth

Use the full potential of the Internet and cloud by connecting via IZO™ Public Connect. Cloud services are delivered to customers with a level of committed performance.

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Performance visibility

Maintain user experience using our reporting tools to visibly monitor performance of Quality of Service and avoid disruption.

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Efficient & effective service

IZO™ Public Connect offers a truly scalable and cost-effective solution that makes the most of our global network platform to deliver a premium service.

IZO™ Public Connect offers cloud, content and SaaS service providers Quality of Service and deterministic routing for Tata Communications’ enterprise customers to access your clouds over the Internet. Empower your digital transition with converged collaboration  and mobility services enabled by a secure agile network.

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