Internet Access

Internet Access Services for superfast connectivity, plus round-the-clock peace of mind

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Secure Internet Experience

With superfast access through our global Tier-1 internet backbone and DDoS mitigation to worldwide scrubbing farms you’ll experience minimal latency.

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Operational Efficiency

Tata Communications offers a unique blend of services to solve your security challenges while meeting network needs with a single, robust solution.

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Superior Customer Experience

Our applications constantly remain accessible and effective at all times, even during an attack, so preventing disruption to your infrastructure and online business.

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Peace of Mind

By depending on a global service provider with immense infrastructure, expertise and alliances, your business will have complete peace of mind.

Protect costly infrastructure and vital customer confidence by meeting the growing cyber threat head-on with our single service solution. Our integrated internet access with mDDoS solution is on constant patrol for signs of a damaging cyber-attack.

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