WAN Ethernet Services

Scale your network rapidly to any level worldwide with our Wide Area Network Ethernet services

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Connect Seamlessly

Effortlessly reach new markets and engage customers by connecting directly into our 111 data centre end points, across five continents around the globe.

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Easily Scalable

Provider Backbone Bridging allows you to scale your network connections from 2Mbps to 7.5Gbps. Buy the bandwidth that you need, when you need it.

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Global Provider

Give your business access to low-cost base and service management, from the ground to the cloud, with the world's only wholly owned fibre ring network, encircling the globe.

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Secure & Dedicated

The Provider Backbone Bridging network ensures that your Ethernet protocols and MAC addresses pass through the network transparently. With dedicated bandwidth, you avoid the typical congestion that affects MPLS networks, even on a protection path.

Meet your business needs, at scale

When deploying advance IT strategies like virtualisation, you need future proof technology. Our next-generation Ethernet offers maximum scalability of VLANs, MAC addresses and service end-points. With CE 2.0 certification from MEF and our Managed Ethernet Option to guarantee quality end-to-end, our Ethernet services will satisfy the most stringent WAN requirement.

Our high-speed, flexible and scalable WAN Ethernet Service is available on both dedicated and shared platforms, offering speeds up to 7.5 Gbps in point-to-point or multipoint configurations.


The widest range of Ethernet Services

Tata Communications has four separate platforms offering Ethernet services, each with different strengths and using different technology.

  • PBB (Provider Backbone Bridging) Backbone network – this hosts our family of dedicated Ethernet services such as Global Dedicated Ethernet, Low Latency Ethernet and Dedicated Multipoint Ethernet.
  • Priority Ethernet – Our MPLS core network has more extensive coverage than GDE and supports class of service to deliver traffic prioritization.
  • Priority Stretch – Built on our internet backbone network boasts the most extensive network of any Tata Communications Ethernet service, Priority Stretch is a best efforts Ethernet services with no recurring monthly charge, only usage-based charges apply on the core network.
  • 10 Gig Ethernet – the Tata Communications wavelength network delivers 10, 40 and 100G connections across the globe at the lowest cost per Mb.


The Tata Communications advantage

Extensive investment has created the Tata Global Network, the only fiber network that entirely circles the globe giving us a lower cost per Mb and allowing to deliver faster and more accurate information on subsea fiber cuts. As well as the Tata Global Network, we have an extensive consortium fiber network and leased network enabling us to offer customers a choice of routes to meet stringent diversity requirements and restoration of services to an alternative cable. For example, we have a choice of 5 routes from Europe to India and 4 routes to South Africa.

PBB is uniquely offered by Tata Communications and, in addition to offering true Ethernet multipoint technology with added security, it is also highly scalable. Remove the limitations of legacy MPLS with a Next Generation Ethernet platform and Dedicated Multipoint Ethernet solution.

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