Secure applications and access offer protection designed around you

Our innovative Adaptive Security Framework is based on intelligent threat modelling and the real-time understanding of risks, so we can better defend your organisation from a host of network attacks.

For total security across your whole network, choose a comprehensive solution from our wide portfolio of Cloud-based security solutions. We’ll help you meet your security goals while keeping operating costs under control.


Advanced Malware Detection

Fully managed and flexible, it enables you to choose end-point, network-based or even hybrid protection that can detect and block outbound command and control traffic and prevent the deployment of advanced malware, 24/7/365.With a multi-pronged approach, it allows you to choose the level of protection you need, so even the most well-disguised threats are detected and countered.


Web Application Firewall

Don’t make do with generic firewalls – make sure all inbound and outbound traffic is monitored for more security.Analyse Layer 7 application traffic with the Managed Web Application Firewall.

Unlike generic firewalls, this platform is specifically tuned to monitor only the target applications, inspecting all inbound and outbound traffic – including encrypted https data.

Tata Communications advanced network security applications offer detection and protection across multiple platforms, SIEM platform integration and zero-day attack prevention, all based around a monthly Opex-based pricing model.


Cloud Web Application Firewall

A fully managed security service that combines web application firewall technology with expert management and 24/7/365 security monitoring to protect your enterprise web applications and their underlying systems.

Quick and easy to deploy, Cloud WAF rigorously filters and monitors HTTP(s) traffic to and from your web applications – making it easier to mitigate enterprise risk and minimise vulnerabilities. Instant access to comprehensive metrics helps you gain critical visibility and insights into your enterprise security.

Guest Wi-Fi Access

Tata Communications offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution, bringing together a host of security services to protect your enterprise and help you meet corporate QoS requirements.

Guest Wi-Fi is your end-to-end solution for completely secure, always-on connectivity by providing firewall and anti-malware to the management of web access policies, users, time, quote and bandwidth.

Advanced security capabilities include malicious URL filtering, anti-virus spyware and deep content inspection, all using multiple authentication techniques to secure your network, while saving ongoing infrastructure costs.


Remote User Authentication

Remote User Authentication offers your business double the security with a two-factor authentication platform, delivering better peace of mind than a single factor approach.

Tata Communications fully-managed two-factor authentication platform uses a user-created Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a randomly generated code, ensuring the safety of accounts even when passwords have been compromised.

Our bespoke service is tailored to your needs, with an option of token form factors, 24/7 service desk support, and cloud-based scalable modes all based around fully-managed authentication servers.

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Enhanced Security

We offer advanced security capabilities, including malicious URL filtering, anti-virus spyware and deep content inspection.

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In-Depth Reporting

Our Adaptive Security Framework offers integrated analysis and reporting across all other event and log sources.

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Stay Informed

With our detailed health monitoring, including status and performance trend, you’ll stay informed and in control of your secure network.

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Better Command

With detection and blocking of outbound command and control traffic you’ll have greater visibility of network handling.

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