Our IPX+ framework provides a converged interconnect platform, enabling end-to-end management across mobile networks, for the delivery of multiple services over IP.

MNOs receive consolidated access to mobile data roaming and transport options including Global VPN, IP transit and IPX Connect, which provides GRX and managed transport with a path to IPX for data roaming, transport, enhanced Quality of Services (QoS) and security.

The IPX+ framework lets MNOs support mobile applications with greater efficiency through a consolidated network, with optimal network utilisation, simplified interconnect and managed service options. Voice, Signalling and Roaming services are integrated within the IPX+ framework, which includes support for LTE Roaming, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), HD voice and video and enablement solutions for real-time rich media applications.

Migrating from service-specific networks to IPX+ connectivity enables MNOs to create new business opportunities and reduce the complexity and costs associated with managing specialized, bilateral, and isolated interconnects. New services and additional capacity can be added quickly with configuration changes. MNOs can scale capacity for individual services to respond to changing user demands.