Tata Communications

The Championship Winning Team

Delivering Competitive Advantage

Tata Communications’ superior managed connectivity solutions from the pit wall back to the team’s headquarters in Brackley, UK, enable a team of dedicated specialists to analyse abundant amounts of real-time-generated data remotely and faster than ever before to contribute to vital decisions live on race day. In a sport governed by split-second decision- making this translates into a critical competitive advantage.

Our superior solutions enable:
  • 3x faster connectivity enabling faster rich data transfer than ever before
  • 1 unicast sent to the factory from 5 HD video feeds of the pit garage at every race location
  • 2 way real-time data analysis and decision-making
  • Global live data transfer capability in under a quarter of a second
Lewis Hamilton makes a long distance call on the Tata Global Network

On a race weekend, the trackside environment is so noisy, drivers and technical teams communicate via headsets even when they are together in the same location. During one race practice, 2015 FIA F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton was in continuous conversation over his headset with one of the Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport Team’s race engineers. All business as usual. Arriving in the pit and looking round the pit area, Lewis radioed over his headset: “Where are you? I can’t see you!”

Thanks to Tata Communications’ global fibre network, the communication was so clear and free from latency that Lewis didn’t realise the engineer was actually in the factory in the UK. This seamless communication during crucial race weekends powers the team with the Speed To Lead™.

Nico Gains an Advantage

The correct racing line is the key to setting leading lap times. Hitting the right line demands fast, real-time strategic decisions,based on data from hundreds of sensors mounted on the car.

The high speed of data transfer via Tata Communications’ global fibre network – from the car to the engineering team in the UK factory – means decisions on adjusting the racing line can be made faster than ever.

In 2014, for example, after just one lap the team advised Nico Rosberg to make a change to his racing line. This was based on crucial race information being relayed from Nico’s car to the pitwall, and then being analysed in real time back in the UK. The result? The next lap was a full 1/10th second faster. In a sport like Formula 1 where every millisecond matters, this gives the team the Speed To Lead.

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