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When every millisecond counts, broadcasters count on our

"Formula 1 racing is the pinnacle of cutting edge technology, and provides the ultimate showcase for innovation. 4K is an exciting new technology which could have great potential when it comes to sports broadcasting. We are focused on given F1 fans the best possible experience, which is why we are pleased to be supporting Tata Communications in bringing 4K closer to reality." John MorrisonCTO Formula One Management

Tata Communications’ experienced Media Services team closely integrates with content owners, aggregators and service providers to meet their video contribution and distribution needs. With 300 video POPs across the globe we enable delivery of over 5000 events every year. Our global communications network is equipped to help you manage, deliver and broadcast content in any format across the globe.

Consumer demand for high quality, live content across different platforms is growing, and at the heart of this change is the transition towards fibre networks to deliver the highest quality live and file-based video, securely and to numerous devices (televisions, tablets, smartphones and laptops). The secure and massive bandwidth provided by our fibre helps broadcasters to effectively monetise their rights, especially for live events.

Official Provider of the Formula 2, GP3 & Porsche Supercup Race Feeds

This year, we were chosen by Formula One Management (FOM) to provide broadcast services for the Formula 2, GP3 and Porsche Supercup racing series. Tata Communications provides a fully diverse end-to-end fibre and satellite solution to broadcasters from across the globe for the 12 race locations this season.

Broadcasters will now have access to Tata Communications expertise in motor racing and the infrastructure capability to provide specific media management and movement services that go above and beyond the core technology.

Broadcasters covering these feeds can now take advantage of Tata Communications’ Race Network Operations Centre (NOC), located in the Formula 1® Technical Centre.

Giving Chello DMC the Speed To Lead

In 2014, Chello DMC selected our network to supply live Formula 1 video feeds via Tata Communications wholly-owned fibre network to be used for the channel’s season long race coverage.

The partnership builds on Tata Communications’ proven capability as the Official Connectivity Provider of Formula 1 by giving Chello DMC access to the highest quality video content thanks to Tata Communications’ global fibre network. Six live feeds and an additional unilateral feed from all 19 races distributed via the fibre network for broadcast on the Sport1 channels and via the Sport1 app.

The investment in fibre by Chello DMC is in line with its wider strategy to provide clients, such as Sport1, with the expertise and technology to increase the value of its broadcast content through improved quality, choice and cost efficiencies. By using Tata Communications’ fibre network for delivery, Sport1 now has the opportunity to provide its subscribers with not only a complete race overview, but also additional services, such as onsite commentary, across all devices.