Tata Communications

What we do in F1®

Supporting the global
business of Formula 1®

World-class service for a world-class sport

Over the past 100 Grands Prix, we've helped Formula 1® achieve digital transformation by revolutionising the way they're connected worldwide. With our 'whatever it takes' attitude, we've enabled remote operations, powered secure, scalable media platforms online, and collaborated to explore new technologies for broadcasters. If we can make digital transformation happen for F1®, imagine what we can do for your business.

We help Formula One Management work smarter and more securely, by hosting their essential IT infrastructure. Enabling remote operations for the live broadcast production has created efficiencies of 50% cost savings by reducing trackside infrastructure, logistics and presence. This partnership is a true culmination of our pursuit for excellence in innovation, the capabilities of our network and the expertise of delivering extreme reliability and security.

Connecting Formula 1, One Circuit Laps the World
  • Plugged into the Tata Global Network; the world’s largest Tier 1 subsea fibre cable network.
  • 10 times faster track-side connectivity
  • Infrastructure scalability that enables emerging innovation in broadcast content
Powering Tens of Millions of Users on Formula1.com
  • A single resilient platform of the F1 Network and content distribution for Formula1.com
  • Hosting over 1 million fans at every race with a capacity of up to 7 million simultaneous users
  • Three tiered web hosting with business grade security
  • 24/7 Security & Availability monitoring
Content Delivery Network
Enabling an IT Revolution for Formula 1
  • Over 50 million unique users per year
  • Delivering scalable rich media content with consistently high standards
  • Media published and distributed for efficient delivery across platforms for every kind of user
  • Real-time usage stats
Professional Services
The New Force in Formula 1
  • 4 days to install, test and de-rig the network at every race
  • Over 156000 miles travelled for our team of fully integrated on-site specialists
  • 456 hours of heartbeat calls with dedicated remote support teams
  • Real-time usage stats
"We looked into the market to see who can provide the services we needed, and that's why we chose Tata Communications. Out of all the people we researched, they gave us what we wanted." Bernie EcclestoneChairman Emeritus, Formula 1 Companies