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We're revolutionising how you experience the game

As the Official Global Connectivity Supplier of the European Tour, Tata Communications is enabling the scale, diversity and speed needed to deliver the most immersive digital viewing experience of pro golfing ever.

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Our global infrastructure

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The Tata Communications network carries more than 29% of the world's internet routes

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Our terrestrial and subsea fibre could stretch round the equator 17 times

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 7,600 petabytes of traffic travels over our internet backbone every month

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Almost 50% of cloud computing providers are connected to businesses via our IZO cloud enablement network

Our superfast global network and suite of media services leverages experience in deploying the latest technologies - including successful live tests of UltraHD 4K, Live (OTT), Live 360o and more - to bring fans a truly connected tournament experience. On any device. Anytime. DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY

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"Joining forces with Tata Communications will kick-start an exciting new digital era for the European Tour."

Michael Cole, Chief Technology Officer of the European Tour


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