Application Performance Optimization Services

Application Performance Optimization Services enable you to address the many challenges of  ensuring optimum network and application performance in demanding, performance application-driven and complex environments. Application Performance Optimization Services provide a fully managed set of tools,  enabling you to maintain high performance levels, optimize network resources, and reduce network TCO. With Application Performance Optimization Services, you are destined for great performance as you connect, communicate and collaborate in any part of the world, including the emerging markets - Asia, China, India, Middle East and South Africa.

Application Performance Optimization Services include the following components:

Key Features:
  • Turnkey solution, including design, installation, analysis, optimization and management
  • Flexible engagements, ranging from specific one-time solution to long-term collaboration
  • Development of acceleration, compression and traffic prioritization strategies
  • Comprehensive reporting for effective network planning and performance control
  • Real-time reporting on application performance and alarms
  • Proposal of application-level service level agreements (SLAs) across MPLS networks

Key Customer Benefits:
  • Enhance end-user experience and productivity
  • Ensure efficient usage of network and alignment with business priorities
  • Enhance application resiliency through application-level performance optimization and alarms
  • Reduce network TCO

Why Tata Communications for Application Performance Optimization Service?
  • Complete set of application-aware service options to provide end-end visibility and optimization of network and application performance
  • One-stop-shop for vendor-agnostic solutions with ability to assess and optimize performance regardless of network platform or carrier

Performance Evaluation Go Top

Current usage and performance evaluation of your applications

Performance Evaluation provides visibility of all your key applications relative to your business requirements and end-user expectations. Performance Evaluation enables you to assess the ability of your infrastructure to effectively support current and new applications as well as centralization projects. Performance Evaluation also includes a complete audit that identifies risk areas, recommends infrastructure enhancements, validates optimization technologies, and proposes management actions to ensure optimum performance of business applications.

Key Features:
  • Visibility of application performance for management action
  • Visibility of WAN performance impact on application performance
  • Capacity and performance planning
  • Optimization strategy

Key Customer Benefits:
  • Ensure end-user satisfaction by quickly diagnosing and resolving performance problems
  • Maintain or reduce CAPEX by right-sizing and optimizing network
  • Ensure effective capacity planning with detailed reports

Performance Insight Go Top

Providing all the information you need to make the right decision

Performance Insight provides performance granularity at Layers 3-7, enabling you to discover new applications traversing the network, track network and application usage, and measure performance. Performance Insight provides all the information needed to ensure optimum application performance.

Key Features:
  • Applications identification
  • Network and application usage tracking
  • Application performance measurements
  • Near real-time performance reports
  • Alarms when usage or performance thresholds are crossed
  • Assessment of required bandwidth necessary to meet application SLAs
  • Customizable reports that provide executive level and detailed data

Customer Benefits:
  • Improve end-user satisfaction and productivity by quickly detecting and resolving incidents
  • Ensure effective capacity planning and application implementation based on comprehensive reports
  • Reduce TCO by eliminating network over-sizing, and remotely monitoring geographically dispersed sites

Performance Prioritization Go Top

Managing and allocating bandwidth when and where you need it

Performance Prioritization ensures optimum network and application performance by effectively allocating and managing bandwidth to ensure business critical applications are available and reliable 24X7, and determining the best WAN link per application and session.

Key Features:
  • Advanced QoS bandwidth management and allocation based on target SLA per application, application sensitivity to network performance, network congestion status, and traffic demand
  • Dynamic allocation of bandwidth per application and session
  • Tracking of available WAN bandwidth
  • Load balancing of applications on dual WAN links, selecting best adapted link

Customer Benefits
  • Improve end-user experience with optimum performance of critical applications
  • Manage CAPEX with effective allocation of network resources, eliminating over provisioning
  • Realize business objectives with effective and strategic utilization of resources

Performance Acceleration Go Top

Improving productivity with enhanced application responsiveness

Performance Acceleration addresses the challenges of delivering applications in centralized networks to geographically dispersed sites by optimizing WAN investments and improving application response times. Performance Acceleration leverages appropriate techniques, including TCP acceleration, compression, and application or protocol specific acceleration to provide a cost-effective solution that ensures optimum application performance and responsiveness.

Key Features:
  • TCP Protocol acceleration
  • Application acceleration : CIFS, MAPI 2000/2003, HTTP, SSL
  • Compression of TCP and UDP flows

Customer Benefits
  • Reduce TCO by eliminating unnecessary bandwidth upgrades and centralizing applications
  • Improve end-user satisfaction and productivity with enhanced application responsiveness
  • Improve application responsiveness by removing performance bottlenecks induced by WAN delay

Managed Performance Services Go Top

Leveraging the expertise of Tata Communications with a Fully-Managed WAN Optimization Solution

Managed Performance Services is a consultative, fully-managed solution for optimizing your network and application performance. Managed Performance Services include an assessment of your business environment - existing network topology, applications, business and network requirements – to determine the best solution for achieving your main business objectives.

Key Features:
  • Assessment of the application traffic and current performance
  • Definition of business-led Service Level Objectives per application
  • Enablement of optimization technologies
  • Thresholds and alarms for critical applications
  • 24/7 customer helpdesk for fault management
  • Consultative approach, providing evaluation and recommendations
  • SLAs, including installation, proactive fault resolution, application (case by case)

Customer Benefits
  • Decrease the need for in-house skills and staff with a fully-managed solution, leveraging a consultative, vendor-neutral approach to ensure the best solution right for you
  • Reduce CAPEX by outsourcing your WAN optimization solution

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