Tata Communications’ Global Network

Tata Communications’ Global Network ensures you can rely on a single provider for fastest, most diverse and infinitely scalable network services across the globe. Tata Communications' Global Network comprises major ownership in 206,356km of terrestrial network fiber and over 500,000 Km of subsea cable and a Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific data transfer capacity of one terabit per second. The global connectivity services built on this largest and most advanced submarine cable network, enable you to connect wherever your business takes you, anywhere in the world, with particular depth in the key emerging markets of China, India, and South Africa.

Key Features:
  • Global Expanse of self-owned cable system
    The new TGN-Intra Asia Cable—a 6,700 km multi-terabit cable system that connects Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. When combined with the existing TGN-TIC and TGN-Pacific cable systems, the TGN-Intra Asia cable system completes Tata Communications’ multi-terabit capability from India to Asia and onward to the United States. Tata Communications’ global network infrastructure also includes existing regional systems such as TGN-Atlantic, TGN-Northern Europe, TGN-Western Europe, and the TGN-Eurasia network.
  • Partnerships in consortium cables
    Also, through principal ownership in SMW-3, SMW-4, SAFE, SEACOM and capacity ownership in FLAG and I2I, Tata Communications offers the greatest diversity for connectivity services.
  • Satellite Coverage
    With a presence in over 80 countries and access to five geo-stationary satellites and over 30 dedicated earth stations, Tata Communications’ reach is unmatched.

  • TGN-Eurasia
  • TGN-Intra Asia
  • TGN-Gulf
  • TGN-Atlantic
  • TGN-Western Europe
  • TGN-Northern Europe
  • TGN-Pacific
  • TGN-India Asia
  • SMW-3
  • SMW-4
  • SAFE/SAT-3
  • APCN-2
  • WACS
  • Seacom
  • Other Africa

Key Benefits:
  • This expansive network establishes Tata Communications as a single source provider of a fully, self-owned system of networks capable of supporting rapid provisioning and tailored solutions as per your need
  • High-availability of bandwidth and seamless scalability for customers on any global connectivity solution
  • Offers drastically lower latencies and higher uptimes (Unique routes specially TGN Intra – Asia, avoid the earthquake zone) compared to other  providers
  • Diversity and redundancy through owned and consortium cable routes

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