To navigate the cloud journey, chart your current position

The cloud is critical for enterprise growth, particularly with the move to the mobile workforce and working from home. Yet the security and management challenges are becoming barriers to efficiency and productivity. The movement of infrastructure, data and applications to the cloud is outpacing security, which means that you could be leaving valuable assets exposed.

The cloud security readiness quotient provided by Tata Communications enables your enterprise to understand your current situation and pinpoint any areas for improvement. Based on your answers, you’ll receive personalised recommendations to help you take the next steps towards full cloud security, enabling you to plan a course of action to stay safe – avoiding any breach and securing your future.

To navigate the cloud journey, chart your current position

What our Cloud Security Quotient Survey covers

Tata Communications Cloud Security Quotient Survey is a structured framework of questions that enables you to assess your organisation’s position on the road to effective cloud risk management. We examine your current risk to security breaches and your cloud security posture across your entire digital estate, focusing on three key areas:

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What our Cloud Security  Quotient Survey covers


We will investigate your current situation and your confidence in your cloud security posture. The survey will determine how consistent your policy is, across on-premise and on cloud, and investigate how important continuousa compliance is to your enterprise. We also consider the capabilities of your traditional security tools and IT security staff.


In this stage of the survey we look at the type of information you store in the cloud and the possibility of any unsanctioned apps being used across your company. We will ask how you address the causes of cloud misconfigurations, how you protect data in the cloud and what steps you are taking to comply with current and upcoming legislation.


Finally, we consider how regularly you carry out cloud security assessments and whether your security team is involved in creating and implementing your cloud governance policy framework.

Find out where your organisation is on the cloud security maturity scale

Following the survey, you will be given a score based on industry best practices. The scoring classifies organisations into five maturity levels:

Organisations at ‘Initial’ maturity level need to start putting integrated, purpose-built security controls in place to help them meet the cloud security challenges.
Organisations at ‘Developing’ maturity level should start exploring the possibilities, reviewing current policies and optimising their approach, considering everything from threat detection to compliance.
Organisations at ‘Defined’ maturity level are on the way to optimised cloud security, but they need to look at vulnerabilities to fill any technology and expertise gaps. An MSSP could help fill them. By putting strong security in place, they can scale in the future.
Organisations at ‘Managed’ maturity level have a strong cloud security strategy in place, but there may still be areas to address. Ideally, they should consider a cloud security assessment to revalidate their inventory of cloud apps and their security posture.
Organisations at ‘Optimised’ maturity level have got to grips with cloud security. As the nature of the threats is constantly changing, it may well be worth reinforcing their cloud security posture by conducting a cloud security assessment with an MSSP.
Find out where your organisation is on the cloud security maturity scale

How to use the results of the survey

By focusing on the three key areas – Plan, Check and Do – you can act on the findings from the survey to optimise security and protect the cloud, enabling efficient management of mission-critical data and apps.

Your report will contain a number of specific recommendations designed to help your enterprise get proactive, get control and get ahead.

How to use the results of the survey

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The assessment contains 23 questions separated into three sections and takes around 15 minutes to complete. At the end of the review, you will gain crucial and actionable insights to help you embed the right security and management controls to embrace a multi-cloud future.