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Awards & Recognition

Frost & Sullivan 2023 Indian - Managed Multi-Cloud Service Provider Company of the Year Award

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Tata Communications remains a trusted partner, earning a reputation for offering the overall best in the managed multi-cloud service provider space. With its strong overall performance, Tata Communications earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 India Company of the Year Award in the Managed Multi-Cloud Service Provider industry.

With IZO™ Multi-Cloud Connect, Tata Communications differentiates itself. The solution consolidates various environments into a unified and optimised cloud ecosystem to facilitate a continuously monitored and managed cloud experience, helping clients achieve their business objectives.

As an experienced expert, Tata Communications helps clients migrate to the cloud and manage their cloud services. Its broad multi-cloud portfolio brings all enterprise workloads onto a single pane while giving each workload the flexibility to run on different platforms, such as public clouds, managed hosting, private cloud, or cloud container services.

Through its IZO™ Multi-Cloud Connect solution, customers can benefit from a single provider that manages end-to-end connectivity from the brand (i.e., any branch) to the digital hub to the cloud, guaranteeing predictable performance through utilisation reports and threshold alerts.