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Content Delivery Network

Tata Communications is a Global Leader in the Frost Radar™: Global Content Delivery Network, 2023

Download the report to get a detailed analysis of the CDN market, transformative mega trends, strategic imperatives and growth drivers in the industry.

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Tata Communications is now a Global Leader in the  Frost Radar™: Global Content Delivery Network, 2023

  • The report notes, "Tata has strength in the media and entertainment services ecosystem. With integrations to Tata infrastructure, the CDN supports end-to-end media workflows."
  • It also mentions that "the network backbone peers with all major Tier 1 and Tier II ISPs. With a robust backbone connection, the network achieves single-digit latencies with point-to-point peering from the CDN to other ISPs."
  • Says Nicholas Baugh, Industry Analyst at Frost, “Tata Communications is driving innovation to support the boom in rich media workflows and digitalization and leveraging a robust backbone connection and a network of super PoPs to offer a compelling combination of network and layered services."