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DIGO | Power up your Customer Engagement Strategy | Tata Communications

Subscribe to our channel to get the latest updates: Customer engagement is essential for any business dealing with customers. Creating a hassle-free customer experience, even digitally, is necessary as consumer behaviours shift to preferring digital services. As such, a digital customer engagement solution is required. Presenting DIGO, powered by Tata Communications. It is a network cloud communications platform that enables rich, contextual conversations with your customers – anytime, anywhere. Of course, DIGO also provides high levels of security to your customer with services such as number validation, anonymising caller ID, etc. DIGO comprehensively covers and integrates popular communication channels, such as Facebook, E-Mail, Voice, etc., into a single platform based on the world's most secure and robust global network. Reconsider your cloud communications strategy today using DIGO and build rich customer experiences. To know more about our services, please visit: #network_cloud_communication_platform #network_cloud_communication_strategy