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Get ahead of cyber threat with Contextualized Threat Intelligence | Tata Communications

In this video, we discuss What is cyber threat intelligence & how it will help your organization in the current digital era! Contextualized Threat Intelligence allows you and your team to identify and prioritise threats based on how they affect your organisation. The need for contextualized threat intelligence has never been greater, but it's also harder than ever to make sense of the potential impact on your business environment. Security teams spend a lot on security tools to defend against a range of cyber threats. Still, the lack of integration leads to poor visibility, a longer detection time, alert storms, manual alert triage, and a growing skill gap. By defending against ransomware, advanced persistent threats, insider threats, and other malware, Tata Communications' full-suite Managed Security Services (MSS), increases the effectiveness of security measures. To know more about our services, please visit: Subscribe to our channel to get the latest updates: #cyber_security #cyber_threat #internet_browsing #safe_browsing_CTI #contextualized_threat_intelligence #tata_communications #managed_security #threat_intelligence #security,