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UCaaS Cisco Powered Solutions

Tata Communications and Cisco Webex improve teamwork for KPIT's digital workplace worldwide.

Tata Communications is a leading provider of A New World of Communications. KPIT, an IT services company, has focused on providing its customers with cutting-edge technology solutions. The company has also been working towards creating a digital workplace for its employees. To achieve this, it partnered with Tata Communications and Cisco Webex. In this video, we will discuss how the partnership between Tata Communications and the KPIT workforce will help businesses across the globe by helping their workforce. The partnership with Tata Communications helped KPIT improve its internet bandwidth by 5x and reduce bandwidth costs by 80%. KPITs enable employees to work from any location, including remote locations and mobile devices, without any issues in connectivity or performance of their applications. To know more about our services, please visit: Subscribe to our channel to get the latest updates: #Tata #TataCommunications #CiscoWebex #KPITworkforce #KPITworkforceacrosstheglobe #IntroducingCiscoWebex