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Secure the future of Fintech in cloud

India’s growing FinTech sector needs the cloud to stay secure, compliant, cost-effective and to keep innovating. In recent years, FinTechs have risen from the fringes of the start-up scene to establishing themselves at the very core of today’s financial services ecosystem. The introduction of disruptive technologies has brought about a period of unprecedented creativity, growth and investment in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector. The outliers have become the agenda-setters. While the FinTech sector has diversified into different segments such as Digital Payments, Alternate Lending, Insurtech, Reg Tech and Open Banking, it is the Digital Payments and Alternate Lending sub-sectors which have seen the highest growth in India in the last few years, with InsurTech and Reg Tech being the key focus areas for the coming years.

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