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Elevating customer delight in the IoT industry 

Customer delight is about delivering a positive experience beyond expectations. However, the challenge is unique when it comes to IoT adoption and implementation. There is an unprecedented need for personalisation and transforming customer engagement from transaction to experience.  

Think like a customer  

In digital intervention projects, a customer becomes our partner from challenge identification to the solution qualification stage. So, the experience is not limited to the product or service quality or brand image, it is determined by the level of engagement and agility in support throughout the process of implementation and operationalisation. When we collaborate with the customer to co-create, we become an integral part of the cultural shift at the customer’s

end. The journey does not end there, but it continues working closely with the customer and walking side by side, to help in attaining their business sustainable goals. Our Connected Worker suite of solutions enhances workplace safety and efficiency ensuring business continuity. Ensuring customer delight means we achieve our goal of enhanced workplace safety and efficiency. Successful implementation of approximately 170,000 devices across 40+ locations, managing end-to-end operations and services has been possible by being an integral part of the customer’s vision. 

 Learn and solve problems on the go with effective communication

Scaled IoT projects across enterprises are still limited to ‘innovators’ and ‘early adopters’ types of organisations. Recently, we noticed wider adoption from the ‘early majority’ group as well. We learned from experience that partnering with the customer is inevitable for any core digital intervention to better understand the domain first. In such a scenario, product, solution, or approach agility is inevitable. So as partners, open feedback and a challenger advocacy approach are vital. Open and informed decisions, agility, and reengineering readiness are some of the ingredients of customer delight. We deliver a comprehensive IoT stack from Infra to devices to software and managed services, and have experienced initial challenges on solution fitment, however regular feedback from customers and a proactive approach have helped increase the value of our services, which reinforces customers’ faith in us. For instance, in a few of our initial proof-of-concept deployments, we had to reengineer our solutions to ensure the desired outcome. We stood with the customer and took a stance of reengineering and an alternative solution approach. While it was an additional investment, we stayed the course and now we have happy customers and long-term business partners!      

Provide insights for business decisions

Industry leaders are using IoT as a decision-making tool. Integration of IoT, AI, and ML is making processes smarter helping in business decisions and strategy formulation. Integration brings actionable data and data-driven insights & analytics which vary for every use case. Different industries may adopt the same solution at the basic level, but the derived value will be always different. For example, Heavy manufacturing and pharma-related enterprises may adopt the same solution for employee safety and productivity but the former may prioritise the value generated from the use-case of instant alerts during safety anomalies and the latter may be more concerned about identifying zone movements and entry/ exit data. As such, the same solution supports different analytics and algorithms for different needs. This need demands an industry-focused approach and agility in handling personalisation to enhance customer experience and delight.  

Win as a collaborator

When we work as an ecosystem enabler, there is bound to be a change management request from the users as technology continues to evolve and so does any IoT solution implementation. We need to factor in all change management (tech advancement) to enhance the business value of the solution and more importantly to build trust, which is a long-term business gain. As we enhance service levels, customer expectations are bound to increase. We need lots of solutions and design rework even after the project goes live, adding additional effort to the business case. However, in the long term, we will gain from learning the lateral solution dimension, winning trust as partners, and retaining, and adding a referral base of customers. Business viability and growth checks must consider the long-term mutual win.  

Customer delight needs 360-degree self-evaluation, be it on engagement level, proactive solution approach, effective communication, service quality assurance, support agility, or business-driven analytics. Collaboration for a long-term win is not about technology partnership alone but rather about partners joining hands to drive cultural change and change the status quo. 

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