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Intelligent Illumination of a Saudi Province | Tata Communications

Subscribe to our channel to get the latest updates: Watch how one region in Saudi Arabia, per Saudi Arabia's 2030 vision, switched to intelligent illumination lights through Tata Communications' IoT smart lights. We delivered end-to-end citywide lighting management solutions connecting 83000 lamps. Tata Communications' IoT smart lights resulted in a 20% reduction in energy consumption, an 80% reduction in manual petrol cost and a safer, more sustainable city. Remote management of each street lamp is possible through the command centre, which monitors in real-time, and the performance of each lamp. This region shines in IoT case studies as the enabler of a smart city, one of the most exciting IoT use cases. Smart solutions will reduce our carbon footprint and leave behind a cleaner and greener tomorrow. To know more about our services, please visit: #iot_for_lights_up_streets #iot_case_studies #iot_use_cases #manufacturing_iot_use_cases #iot_case_studies_pdf #industrial_iot_case_studies #iot_case_studies_in_healthcare #healthcare_iot_use_cases #industrial_iot_use_cases #iot_use_cases_india #smart_city_iot_use_cases