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Next360 Redefines Travel Experience through Mobile Connectivity with Tata Communications MOVE™

Subscribe to our channel to get the latest updates: Travel is essential to all our lives, whether for pleasure, education, or business. Being in touch with your close ones is extremely important while away. Have you had problems with mobile connectivity while in a foreign country? Next360 solves such problems of travellers and improves your travel experience through mobile connectivity with the help of Tata Communications MOVE™. Watch this insightful discussion between Jignesh Dave, Founder & CEO, Next360 and Deepak Gusain, Global Head – of Sales & Solutions, Mobility & Internet of Things, Tata Communications, where they talk about how Next360 has, with innovative solutions, made life easier for the global traveller with offerings such as eSIM, eKYC, infrastructure as a service, etc., all on the back of Tata Communications MOVE™. Tata Communications and Next360 are dedicated to improving your travel experience through connectivity. To know more about our services, please visit: #travel_experience_through_connectivity #travel_experience_through_mobile_connectivity