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Tata Communications offers end to end IoT solutions for your digital transformation needs through our rapidly growing global presence and extensive partner ecosystem across the entire IoT value chain. It takes your smart technology platforms to the next level with scalable, secure, pervasive and reliable services. Access via an intuitive online portal enables you to make data-driven pro-active business decisions, increase productivity and fuel the growth of your business.

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Tata Communications MOVE™ global IoT solution

Tata Communications’ MOVE™ Global IoT Solution provides seamless, cross-border cellular connectivity to deliver international IoT services effectively and efficiently.


Tata Communications MOVE™ eSIM hub

Tata Communications’ MOVE™ eSIM enables you to embed connectivity without physical chip and also re-program SIMs over-the-air (OTA) for millions of devices simultan…


India IoT solutions

Tata Communications’ India IoT Solutions allows pan-India presence and strong partnerships across the entire IoT value chain.

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