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Evolving the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
Tata Communications: The Dark Horse in the Hybrid Cloud Race – Frost & Sullivan

As enterprises strive to create a truly seamless hybrid environment, they require a robust management and orchestration platform that enables tight integration between the infrastructures that comprise the holistic IT environment. The integration required to create a seamless hybrid environment is different from the typical IaaS management.
While an increasing number of hybrid cloud management platforms offer single-pane access to multiple infrastructures, hypervisors, and operating systems, few are comprehensive in their support. It is even less common to find access integration between the network and infrastructure layers, with consistent security that overlays each; application modernization in the form of container services; as well as managed services for complex workloads, all within the scope of a single platform.
Tata Communications may be considered a dark horse among hybrid cloud providers, but one worthy of consideration by multi-national businesses. Through its IZO™ Cloud Platform, Tata Communications has integrated multiple, popular infrastructures, hypervisors, and operating systems for management into a single, streamlined platform. Within that single view, the company addresses some of the most critical business challenges of the day through integration of services higher up in the stack that offer significant value to business customers.