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How we work with our suppliers

At Tata Communications, we believe that having strong relationships with our suppliers based on trust and confidence will ensure that we can provide exceptional service to our customers around the world.

Building successful working relationships

Our relationship with suppliers is rooted in our strong ethical core values. We take pride in upholding our core values. Please click here to read the Core Values of Tata Communications These values drive Tata Communications business decisions and define the way how we conduct with our suppliers. By remaining true to our values, ethics and corporate social responsibility principles we have earned trust of thousands globally.

What we look for from our suppliers

We value the relationships that we have established and built with our suppliers. We believe in maintaining long-term relationships in order to deliver growth and success for both us and our suppliers. To ensure that every relationship is effective and beneficial to all parties, we ask that our suppliers uphold the same core values and mission.

All our suppliers are expected to be honest and fair and act with integrity while dealing with internal and external stakeholders. Suppliers should avoid any contracts that might lead to or suggest a conflict of interest between their personal activities and their business engagement with Tata Communications. Suppliers must never engage in unethical behaviour, either implicitly or explicitly, with any Tata Communications employees or agents.
Tata Code of Conduct
Suppliers shall abide by the Tata Code of Conduct both in letter and in spirit when dealing with Tata Communications. Suppliers must report any violation of the Code or unethical activity and can do so without fear of repercussion. Please refer to the Tata Communications Whistleblower Policy
Confidential information
Suppliers must never disclose confidential information about Tata Communications or its associates and customers without the explicit written approval from an authorised employee within Tata Communications.
Logo usage
Suppliers must never use any trademark or logo of Tata Communications, including the mark TATA COMMUNICATIONS, in any manner without the explicit written approval from an authorised person within Tata Communications.
Trade practices
Suppliers must never practice unfair trade with competitors who are also vendors to or customers of Tata Communications.
Implement Quality Processes
Suppliers should have effective Quality Management Systems with defined processes and operating procedures that measure continuous improvements (such as TL9000/ISO 9001).
Continuous improvement
Suppliers should promote continuous improvement in their processes and/or performance of their products and services.

Business Operations details

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