Empowering Digital Dreams

India has the potential to become a USD $ five trillion economy by 2024, and to realise this, our firms and industries must embrace digital transformation across the value chain. However, businesses in general and SMEs in particular lack the requisite technical know-how and face operational limitations in taking that first big leap of change.

At CII – Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation, we aim to make available the know-how, skills, expertise and support that SMEs need, and empower them in realising their digital dreams. Our key initiatives include the below mentioned core areas of improvement.


To be a centre of international repute that enables continuous betterment of organisations through digital transformation


To evolve and leverage a digital transformation movement that transforms India by building systems of intelligence, by bringing in more personal computing, helping organisations adopt the intelligent cloud and reinvent their productivity and business processes, thereby enhancing their effectiveness and inclusive growth

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Key Programs
Skill development and capacity building

The Centre for Digital Transformation was set up with the primary objective of inclusive upskilling for everyone. Professionals – entry level to CXOs, constantly struggle to bridge their skill gaps.

Our centre offers a plethora of programs including webinars, technology seminars, online certification courses and offline residential programs to help professionals and businesses gain expertise and power their digital dreams. Programs supporting this initiative include:

  • Two cyber-security trainings for entry level professionals (successfully completed) and two more, one each per quarter (scheduled)
  • AI based workshop, online DX course and a short residential program on DX scheduled at IIM Lucknow
  • Webinar series on DX in the BFSI sector – 22 August, 2019 onwards
  • Webinar on the What, Why and How of Digital Transformation in the manufacturing sector hosted by Rajarshi Purkayashta – 30 August, 2019. Click here to register!
Focus on small and medium enterprises

The Indian SME sector has been a key driver of the economy, expecting to contribute to 22 percent of the GDP by 2020. SMEs also account for 45 percent of all manufacturing output and make up 40 percent of India’s workforce.

SMEs are keen to transform their legacy infrastructure, modernise operations and keep pace with competition on digital transformation initiatives. We enable access to expert knowledge, best practices, services and real-time insights on market developments, all of which are powering digital futures for SMEs by helping them make informed decisions. Key initiatives in this area include:

  • Digital transformation roadshows for SMEs in four cities
  • A workshop with the Secretary, MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) – CII Institute of Logistics – Global Logistics Coalition in Delhi NCR – May 2019
  • Region-wise sectoral workshops and seminars facilitated by the Centre For Technology in MSME – September 2019
Assessment and advisory

Digital transformation is key to bridging existing gaps in digital skills. The “Digital Maturity Appraisal” was launched at the CII Annual General Meeting on 5 April, 2019 as yet another initiative to empower SMEs in realising their digital dreams.

This self-assessment tool has been created to help Indian industries envisage their digital transformation roadmap by assessing themselves on six digital dimensions. These include digital vision and strategy, technology applications, operational innovation, customer experience, organisation and leadership, and governance, risk and compliance. This tool will provide member organisations with the ability to benchmark their current level of digital operations. Salient offerings include:

  • Free digital maturity assessments for organisations for a limited period
  • Advisory committee to suggest recommendations and way forward through a two-day onsite visit post assessment
Building a smarter India

One of the basic goals of digital transformation is the enhancement of the quality of human life. The Government of India announced the Smart Cities Mission in 2015 towards this end,

including developmental plans for 100 cities across the country to make them more citizen-friendly and sustainable by 2022.Recognising the increasing significance of smart cities and IoT in digital transformation, the Centre for Digital Transformation has undertaken the following initiatives:

  • Smart city round table discussions in Pune – August, 2018
  • Smart city workshop for consultants, end-users and digital infrastructure providers in the Government and public procurement space – January 2019
  • Artificial Intelligence India Show in association with the Internet Engineering Task Force in Delhi NCR – February 2019
  • The Grand India IoT Innovation Challenge for students from top 26 technical colleges in India building prototypes for IoT enabled solutions using Tata Communications’ IOT infrastructure and expertise – December 2018
Securing India digitally

The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that 93 per cent of Indian organisations have just basic cybersecurity protection in place. This is truly alarming and there is a pressing need for change in security conversations within organisations.

Increasing incidents of cyber-attacks and security threats create an estimated business opportunity in cybersecurity worth USD $ 35 billion and potential employment for one million professionals in India by 2025. As a result, cybersecurity is a prime focus area for CII-Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation. Events organised to promote this initiative include:

  • Conference on cyber security in Delhi NCR regions – June 2019
  • Cyber-security training for entry level professionals every quarter
  • CDT cybersecurity mission to Israel and India – Israel Closed Door Workshop in Tel Aviv – June 2019
  • Cybersecurity war games as a prelude to the DT summit – December 2019
  • Cybersecurity Audit Framework

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Our role at the heart of the Centre for Digital Transformation

“ Adoption of Digital Transformation is not an option but a necessity for Indian corporates. The CII – Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation would help Indian corporates towards adopting digital technologies to enhance their competitiveness. With its heritage in providing Indian cities, utilities and businesses with world-class digital infrastructure and services, Tata Communications is well placed to provide strategic leadership to guide the digital transformation of India ”

Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII