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IBM Cloud is a part of the IZO™ platform ecosystem from Tata Communications. IZO™ Private Connect can seamlessly and securely connect your enterprise to IBM Cloud over MPLS or Ethernet through one single provider globally — reducing network total costs while improving performance.


Use cases:

  1. Connecting corporate database to IBM Cloud
  2. Connecting branch offices to applications in IBM Cloud
  3. Enable disaster recovery site using zero-committed bandwidth

IBM Cloud IZO Private Connect


With Tata Communications’ IZO™ Private Connect, enterprises can achieve guaranteed network connection to public cloud platforms via our award-winning global MPLS & Ethernet network, via IBM Cloud Direct Link. IZO™ Private Connect is quick to provision, and ensures security and data protection with private connections over MPLS & Ethernet network.


  • Predictable: Get guaranteed throughput and availability, with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and consistent network performance.
  • Secure: Protect your enterprise data while enjoying dedicated network capacity and high speeds.
  • Seamless: Easy to connect, and quick provisioning time with pre-connected access to IBM Cloud.
  • Simplified: Reduce the complexity of network management with a single global relationship that is fully managed, a single bill, and 24x7x365 customer service.
  • Customized: Our network solution architects are ready to work with you to design your optimal IZO™ network cloud.



IZO™ Private Connect offers Global MPLS & Ethernet connections from your enterprise network to IBM Cloud resources around the globe, with end-to-end management to ensure performance and maximize user experience.


IZO Private Connect Sites MPLS Ethernet
Amsterdam X X
Ashburn X X
Chennai X (Direct)
Dallas X X
Paris X X
Singapore X X
Tokyo X X


IBM Cloud Direct Link

IBM Cloud Direct Link is a global access platform that provides secure, dedicated, and hybrid connectivity for enterprise workloads. Over a private network connection, IBM Cloud Direct Link enables predictable bandwidth costs with fast, consistent, and reliable data transfer. Enterprises can experience consistent, unparalleled network performance, while avoiding exposure to the public Internet.


Learn about IBM Cloud Direct Link at:


IBM Cloud IZO Private Connect