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Asset Management and Workflow Automation

Manage all assets and workflow across your organisation

  • Manage complex media files quickly and easily
  • Meet the needs of your enterprise with a scalable solution
  • Search and present data in the best way for your organisation
  • Keep costs down with pay-as-you-go service
  • Access content any time from any location

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  • Asset management is file and codec agnostic
  • You can view everything from image, audio and video through to complex reference files


  • Use and re-use content at very low cost as it’s stored in your own private cloud
  • Add local content to generate more revenues from the markets you tap into


  • Fully configurable metadata schema let you set search parameters
  • Create as many fields to store, search and present data as you like
  • Can adapt quickly to new standards such as UHD 4k assets

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Video, audio, complex reference files, you have a vast range of assets in a wide range of formats across the world. When it comes to harnessing and sharing those assets, you need to know exactly what is available, and search for them in a way that matches the needs of your organisation.

Choose Tata Communications’ Asset Management and Workflow System and you’ll be able to access assets from any location via a simple web interface. You can set up your own parameters to search by client or workflow and create any number of fields to store, search and present your data.

As the solution is part of our Media Ecosystem, you’ll be able to realise all the benefits of IP and cloud as a managed service. And with your content and metadata in your own private cloud, you’ll keep costs down too, using and re-using it at very low cost.

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Tata communications advantage

  • Scalable and intelligent workflow automations
  • Effective management of content
  • The precision to monitor each stage within a workflow
  • API Integration

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Managing better ways of working

  • Import or ingest media to multiple locations
  • Creative proxy media and transcode or rewrap content into a wide variety of formats
  • Initiate workflows for archive of content, file quality control, review and approval processes for compliance to creative decisions
  • Configure every element to your exact needs, thanks to a fully flexible workflow engine

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  • 300 media hotspots in 125 cities
  • #1 wholly owned world's largest subsea fibre network
  • 1.5 Million+ square metres of data space
  • 3 of the 5 most visited video sites
  • 5 of the 5 most visited social media sites


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