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Tata Communications employees have great ideas and the entrepreneurial mindset to deliver them – they have formed small teams working like start-ups to deliver amazing products
People are travelling the world like never before. And when they do, their mobile devices go with them. How can mobile operators tap into this fast-moving global market by offering new services to facilitate affordable roaming for all travellers?
Devices, appliances and apparel are communicating in exciting new ways thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). How can IOT-specific radio networks leveraging ultra-narrowband further improve their connectivity?
Users are increasingly purchasing goods and services by mobile phone. How can we reimagine digital payment solutions for the billions of people with no current access to mainstream financial services?
Traditional product development can’t keep pace with more agile startups. How can we evolve our industry’s processes to foster innovation, accelerate new product development and rollout – while also ensuring high quality and performance?
We love working with our clients, partners, suppliers, and generally people that work in a completely different industry – This opens up our minds and is a great source of inspiration
Ready for a challenge? Each year the F1® Connectivity Innovation Prize awards $50,000 to a winning individual or team that presents the most creative use of technology to deliver superior content to millions of Formula 1® fans.
How can technology truly match the efficiency of face-to-face meetings? In 2013 we challenged teams to show us the next big thing in collaboration, building on WebRTC.
How can new practices in UX inspire new collaboration experiences? In 2014 we asked our design teams to get creative at C2MTL.
We account for 24% of the world’s internet’s routes and carry 1 in 10 international voice calls. But what’s the point of big data if you can’t put it to good use? In 2014, coding and data scientist teams examined our data sets to develop new ideas for services ranging from fraud detection to mobile data sharing.
What if you could try out a new look in front of friends who are miles away – even before you leave the store? The jamvee-powered Luxe demo reimagined the social shopping experience for Dreamforce 2014.
Real-time communications are great – but wouldn’t they be even more powerful with extra context? Working with Tata Consultancy Services, we demonstrated this proof of concept at Dreamforce 2014 – putting the power of real-time communications directly into the Salesforce Service Console.
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But enough about us. We’re always looking for creative minds that can make things happen. What do you think we should be working on next? Tell us your thoughts and we’ll be in touch.
Do you have technology you’d like to scale on a global network? We love working with startups. So talk with us about your company’s goals and let’s see how we can benefit from working together.
Shaping the future is what we do, together. We’re on a mission to work with other organisations on joint, open innovation projects, because we firmly believe in the value such cooperation brings to our customers.
Who We Are

Innovation Manager

Sakshi fosters innovation and manages innovation initiatives at Tata Communications. She believes that being a little crazy, thinking above and beyond, challenging your own status quo is what it takes to be innovative! Based in India, she enjoys traveling.

Innovation Lead

David has developed a unique skill set which allows him to walk the difficult line between sales, product management and marketing, engineering, manufacturing and profitable commercial. Based in London, David enjoys building fences and acting in amateur theatre.

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