Advance towards a promising future with one interface, maximum insights
As connected car services gain momentum, practical challenges like simplifying multiple connectivity agreements, ensuring efficient coverage and maintaining cost objectives have surfaced. Our automotive solution abstracts this complexity and provides a single interface for monitoring, control, intelligence and insight on a global basis.
Manage and control all connected vehicle services globally through one portal irrespective of the service provider
Use one platform for detailed statistics, performance metrics and valuable insights into all connected vehicle services
Deliver the highest quality of service for each use case with multiple connectivity options
Switch network to reduce cost and increase completion rate with optimised SOTA updates
Enhance customer experience by providing a personalised, omnichannel buying experience
Monitor health, compliance and productivity of your employees with automotive IoT wearables
Tata Communications MOVE™ Intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform

Automotive connectivity in the age of necessity

A deep dive into how automotive connectivity is paving the way for a sustainable future for automakers and the existing challenges that must be resolved to unlock the full potential of connected vehicles.

Why Tata Communications?
Automotive manufacturers need a reliable partner, to enable a seamless, connected transformation journey.
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