If machines could talk: The road to smart manufacturing
Human-machine interactions are the future of manufacturing. When machines and humans can communicate seamlessly across the supply chain, the result is a complete transformation of the enterprise. But this requires a secure, connected digital foundation. Tata Communications can help you to create such a digital ecosystem that delivers new levels of engagement, efficiency and agility to your business by enabling:
Seamless connections that deliver global, autonomous, unified collaboration
Data-driven technologies that can build automated industrial ecosystems
Proactive, automated monitoring of the shop floor to reduce factory downtime
Elimination of errors in asset-tracking using data from connected equipment
Faster time-to-market and the agility to adapt to changing business environments.
Operational efficiency and a safe, contactless workplace for employees in the new normal. Bringing Smart Manufacturing to Life
Bringing Smart Manufacturing to Life

Collaborate better

New world. New ways to engage. Bring your employees, partners and customers together, wherever they may be.
  • Consistent access to data, apps and systems from anywhere or any device.
  • Collaboration solutions that bring your manufacturing teams together.
  • Reliable digital infrastructure that enables seamless communication.
  • New ways to engage and deliver great customer experience in the zero-contact world.

Run factories efficiently

Improve business efficiency and build agile shop floors to thrive in a world that is more connected and more uncertain than ever before:
  • Ensure better industrial output using data and analytics.
  • Improve human-machine interactions for fewer failures and higher industrial output.
  • Create an efficient, visible and borderless supply chain.
  • Use proximity alarms, contactless entry and exits and message-based break schedulers to create a safe workplace.

Become Agile

Integrate systems and connect people, devices and locations to build an agile manufacturing enterprise:
  • Get secure agile connectivity for smart factories
  • Scale bandwidth, compute and storage anytime, anywhere
  • Mitigate security risks arising from more devices, connections, apps and data
  • Keep pace with changing market dynamics by providing secure access to applications and data
Why Tata Communications?
Manufacturing enterprises need a partner who can help them transform into a connected, agile, efficient business.
Take the first step to the future of manufacturing