Internet of Things (IoT), opening doors to a connected world

Tata Communications is at the forefront of IoT development in India – offering innovative, comprehensive and scalable solutions for smart cities and their citizens. Our end-to-end solutions are powered by state-of-the-art devices running on our dedicated IoT network, platform and applications.

Key smart city solution areas

  • Asset tracking solutions to track and monitor data from your city’s critical assets across location, movement, temperature, voltage and vibration using our state-of-the-art sensors. Helping to reduce asset loss, increase asset utilisation and prevent misuse.
  • Smart metering solutions for automated metering to track expanding utility consumption. By connecting smart meters or retrofitting smart modules to existing manual meters, Tata Communications enables automated meter readings, consumption pattern monitoring and demand-supply management ensuring service level improvements and improved efficiency.
  • Environmental monitoring solutions for full visibility and control of environmental conditions for essential facilities and assets in cities – enabling maintenance of optimal parameters. When parameters cross preset thresholds, our solutions provide insights for corrective actions, helping city administration reduce downtime and cut maintenance costs.
  • Smart lighting solutions enable two-way communication between street lights and the City Command Centre, providing unified control of widely distributed street lights. Administrators can define and automate the behaviour of street lights based on insights – optimising energy consumption and enabling predictive maintenance.
  • Smart button solutions to harness the power of feedback and address citizen service requests conveniently with a simple click. Our solutions can enhance customer experience at city facilities for proactive remedial measures and to prevent misreporting of service levels.
  • Women safety solutions to empower women with smart wearable safety devices that track and record user movement, and issue alerts for help when triggered. Our easy-to-use devices have extensive reach and operate on low power technology for extended battery life ensuring failsafe security.
  • Employee health and safety solutions to monitor workers vital stats and work environment conditions – helping to prevent accidents and safety incidents at work, improving the productivity of city’s workers. Our solutions also help to reduce administration liabilities due to injury.


  • IoT dedicated Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) for an extended range and low power consumption of deployed devices
  • Highly scalable plug and play solutions with quick deployment times
  • Network and application level security offering enhanced protection of critical data across smart solutions
  • Cost-effective solutions for a faster return on investment and best utilisation of public funds


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