As the Official Supplier of the FIA World Rally Championship, Tata Communications is helping drive an immersive viewing experience for fans worldwide through its robust and reliable media solutions for its OTT platform, WRC+. For the first time ever, every stage is LIVE and available for fans!

The Tata Communications network carries more than29% of the world’s internet routes

Our terrestrial and subsea fibre could stretch round the equator 17 times

7,600 petabytes of traffic travels over our internet backbone every month

Almost 50% of cloud computing providers are connected to businesses via our IZO cloud enablement network

Through our reliable Video Connect solution, we connect some of the most challenging and remote locations of the rallies for live video delivery. This is enabled by connectivity through our next generation fibre-based network enabling content to be distributed from the cloud to the rights holders. This enables the delivery of the world feed as well as the OTT All Live feed (WRC+) to go to multiple broadcasters all across the globe
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“Huge distances in tough terrains. Multiple broadcasters across continents. Super committed and demanding fans. That is the eco-system of FIA World Rally Championship. Tata Communications’ massive global low latency network, along with Video Connect is the key enabler. It helps us serve our broadcasters and fans with true 360° live action guaranteeing great fan experience.”
Florian Ruth, Director of Content and Production, WRC Promoter

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