Powering hybrid workplaces

4X more collaboration for your hybrid workplaces with hyperconnected ecosystems. Find out how.

Accelerate your workplace evolution

Globally, organisations and individuals are adapting to a new reality of how and where work gets done. As you reinvent your workplace strategy for the new business landscape, we can help you thrive, innovate and accelerate – with solutions that drive digital-first, seamless and secure engagements for employees, partners and customers.
Make seamless and safe work-from-anywhere your business reality
Secure your contactless workforce with zero-trust solutions
Deliver experiences that surpass expectations, however you connect
Boost collaboration across channels to enhance productivity
Secure and performant access to enterprise applications
As you pivot to a digital-first working model, you need your employees to be productive wherever they are. That means secure and performant access to enterprise applications across the cloud or data centre, on any device, via any network.
  • Zero-trust access to applications over any network and any device
  • Robust identity and access management
  • Posture check of end-points before access is granted to apps
  • Real-time removal of threats from end-point devices
Embrace the power of the internet – securely
Work-from-anywhere success rides on creating seamless experiences for employees, especially those operating remotely who may be using untrusted networks and third-party applications to access applications. Our solutions provide secure access to reduce threats from public internet resources and apps ­­– no matter how your working model evolves.
  • Deliver secure access to resources from anywhere, and any internet-enabled device
  • Enforce common security policy, anywhere, anytime and for any device
  • Protect data as it moves across multiple channels
  • Accelerate user experience to boost engagement
Elevate customer experience with remote contact centers
With contact centers going remote, making meaningful connections matters even more. We’ll ensure your teams can engage effectively with customers and partners from the office – and beyond.
  • Build business resilience with seamless continuity of operations
  • Offer customers support on their terms through omni-channel experiences
  • Eliminate complexity with single-pane-of-glass management
  • Make every connection count with integrated SLAs and high-quality service
Boost productivity through powerful collaboration
Set your teams up for success by allowing them to collaborate just as if they were in the office. From instant messaging to screen sharing, our technology seamlessly extends your collaboration toolset.
  • Offer video, voice, messaging and file sharing – all in one place
  • Remove technology barriers for a true work-from-anywhere experience
  • Scale easily and flexibly with cloud-based collaboration solutions
  • Ensure quality of service and fraud protection with Microsoft- and Cisco-powered solutions
Create a safe and secure workplace
The safety of your workforce is a top business priority. Keep your on-site employees safe using our innovative IoT-based devices and solutions.
  • Keep to stringent safety protocols with contactless entry and exit
  • Harness wearable tech to enable social distancing
  • Respond quickly with advanced contact tracing
  • Secure your site with targeted geo-fencing

Accelerate Your Workplace Evolution

Accelerating growth in the emerging Hybrid Workplace, will require organisations to build digital first-ecosystem. This e-book offers a detailed view of how Tata Communications can deliver this ecosystem for customers.

Hear from our customers

  • Pramod Maharana
    IT Manager , Atos Syntel

    Tata Communications played a pivotal role in setting up a strong and reliable network to ensure we scaled our network connectivity in an agile manner without any bandwidth constraints.

  • Rajeswari Balaraman
    Service Delivery Manager , Tata Consultancy Services

    During this Covid-19 pandemic situation, all of us were required to support business from borderless work stations and Tata Communications did a splendid job in enabling a secured way of connecting to our customer network through Two-factor authentication (2FA).


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