Hand In Hand India leverages IZO™ Private Cloud to improve efficiency and performance, while controlling costs

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Uptime guarantee


Monitoring and support

Hand in Hand, a global NGO, is ardently devoted to upliftment of poor, children and women worldwide. Hand in Hand India, with its footprint in 8 key Indian states, is expanding fast to other locations, passionately driving transformational programmes including child labour elimination, natural resource management, solid waste management, etc.


  • Performance – Frequent downtimes with long cumbersome resolution process compromised the NGO’s programmes and consumed significant IT time and resources, addressing day-to-day issues
  • Scalability – To enable its fast-growing PAN India operations, new initiatives, and advanced applications
  • Cost-effectiveness – Minimum capital investments with low recurring charges



  • Secure high performance IZOTM Private Cloud for hosting Hand in Hand India’s IT infrastructure
  • High speed connectivity for quick data transfer and archive
  • Disaster recovery for real-time data replication and zero data loss
  • 24/7 monitoring and support



  • A robust IT platform with 99.99% uptime guarantee ensures high network performance and availability for seamless conduct of NGO’s projects and programmes
  • Managed service with quick response and dedicated account management, enables IT team to focus on strategic initiatives
  • On-demand scalability provides instant resources to support NGO’s expansion plans and new upliftment programmes
  • High security along with real-time data backup warrants zero data loss, minimising business risks
  • Significant cost savings with pay-per-use model and zero capital lay out

“IZO™ Private Cloud, a rock- solid it solution along with Tata Communications’ personalised support keeps our network, website, and other critical applications, always-on, enabling seamless welfare programmes and an enhanced user experience. While, spinning up its resources to enable new strategic projects, is just a call away, enabling our borderless growth across the country.”

Raghuraman SG

General Manager - IT & Systems, Hand in Hand India


  • IZO™ Private Cloud