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2019 Frost & Sullivan Product Line Strategy Leadership Award for Hybrid Cloud Services Market – Global.

This award recognizes the extent to which the product line meets customer base demands, and the overall impact it has in terms of customer value and increased market share. Best-in-class companies drive demand, brand strength, and competitive differentiation while also developing unique value for customers with superior and comprehensive product lines.
For the Global Product Line Strategy Leadership Award, Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluated two key factors—Product Line Strength and Customer Impact.
We have outperformed than our competitors as we have demonstrated our capabilities through:

  • Our IZOTM Cloud Command orchestration engine incorporates a homegrown threat intelligence platform using big data and artificial intelligence capabilities, which is an integral part of the global Cyber Security Response Centers.
  • Through our IZO™ Cloud Enablement Platform, we have integrated multiple, popular infrastructures, hypervisors, and operating systems for management into a single, streamlined platform. Within that single view, we have addressed some of the most critical business challenges of the day through the integration of services higher up in the stack that offer significant value to our customers.
  • Our IZOTM Cloud Platform is benchmarked /assessed to be one of the most robust hybrid cloud platform in the market today with offerings starting from Private Cloud, Storage, Hybrid Enablement, Pubic Cloud Management, Big Data and Containers.
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Karyn Price, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan says, “For global enterprises, standardizing on a hybrid cloud provider that can manage many infrastructures and resources within its management and orchestration portal, as well as provide strong access to new technologies and functions, offers a way forward with hybrid cloud that is easier than attempting to cobble together a solution from multiple providers. Global digital infrastructure service provider Tata Communications has developed a full suite of hybrid cloud services that spans many popular hypervisors and operating systems, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, two of the most popular public clouds used by businesses today.”
With this strong overall performance, we have earned the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Product Line Strategy Leadership Award for Global Hybrid Cloud Services Market.

Stratecast & Frost & Sullivan has also published a report on our Hybrid Cloud Capabilities

“Evolving the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
Tata Communications: The Dark Horse in the Hybrid Cloud Race”

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