Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Case Study


Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. The company offers end-to-end engineering, IT and business solutions primarily to automotive, industrial technology, consumer goods, and building technology organisations.

RBEI has office locations throughout India using disparate network providers, each with separate network islands thus making it difficult to share information and data. With different service level agreements from each service provider, the company was finding it hard to manage the organisation’s internal infrastructure effectively.

The complexity of the infrastructure had resulted in unacceptably high risk to potential cyber-attacks and lower than expected network availability for employees.

What’s more, due to the nature of the decentralised infrastructure, it was a challenge to make business-critical applications safely available to users, leading to collaboration difficulties.

RBEI decided it needed a technology partner who could consolidate its disparate network systems without raising costs or impacting upon the core business.



Easy management through cloud-based portal means productivity for IT and network teams have increased by 50%.



The solution that was decided upon was the Tata Communications Global VPN solution which would centralised all disparate network systems and link all RBEI offices across India onto one unified platform.

To protect the network from cyber-attacks, it was decided to use the Tata Communications vProxy unified threat management (UTM) solution, based on Zscaler cloud. The fully-managed solution would provide RBEI with a network offering high availability and enhanced security from cyber-attacks and other threats to its business.



RBEI has seen a positive impact on its business since partnering with Tata Communications. The centralised solution has enhanced staff collaboration, while speeding time to market by as much as 50% over their previous solution.

At the same time, network availability of almost 100% has supported constant access to data and apps, regardless of device or location, while the network has suffered near-zero downtime from external attacks as a result of the vProxy UTM solution

Easy management through cloud-based portal means productivity for IT and network teams have increased by 50%.

RBEI has seen an 80% reduction in capital expenditure, while at the same time a 30% reduction in operating expenses, making the solution cost-effective as well as secure. Overall, the unified threat management solution has assured security for worldwide technology and service providers.


“This collaboration has made innovative solutions available to both users and customers. Through our strong relationship with Tata Communications, we have laid a solid foundation to our expanding business.”

Venkata Krishna, Principal Consultant, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions