Sadhna News, a news channel owned by Softline Media Network Private Ltd, sees quadruple increase in audience reach with Cloud Hosting


Sadhna News case study


Sadhna News was looking for a content delivery platform for its news content to be delivered via its new mobile app to end users globally across android, windows and iOS devices, quickly and efficiently. Quick scalability was required during peak website traffic for better performance and to avoid downtime. Also, dynamic content delivery, reduced page load times and increased responsiveness were critical for the success of mobile news app.


Tata Communications built the AWS infrastructure to host Sadhna News mobile news app after a successful POC for a month. A CDN service that delivers data, videos to end users globally with low latency, high speeds for enhanced user experience was implemented. Mobile app was configured in a way so that it automatically scales up and down – with zero administrative effort required for scalability, back-ups or multi-data center redundancy.


The successful hosting of the mobile news app on cloud has aided to quadruple increase in audience reach, on time delivery of news using scalable AWS platform, no latency leading to a great app user experience and increased reliability with no instances of app downtime. Moreover, the solution offers high scalability that allows adjustments as per spike in mobile app use without affecting performance.

“In media industry, factors like increasing prices for proprietary content, competition from agile entrants, strain on legacy technologies are creating a necessity to reduce upfront technology investments. By adopting cloud solution we’ve been able to significantly reduce the cost of operations and align it with usage and revenues. In addition, by hosting our mobile app on AWS cloud, we made the implementation easier helping the app to reach a wider user base taking advantage of cloud interoperability. One of the vital factors that impacted its success was the need to constantly update the app in line with our audiences’ preferences. The cloud allows adding and removing instances on an ongoing basis thus warranting that the app is always having exactly what is required. We just have to focus on delivering compelling media experiences without having to worry about the complexity of building and operating our own information processing infrastructure – we completely rely on Tata Communications to do that.”


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