As a strategic partner, the Tata Communications Customer Success Team provides a proactive and accountable team of experts to work and collaborate with you as a cohesive unit. The Customer Success Team aims to unlock your success by empowering you to realize your desired business growth & profitability and deeper levels of performance through proven tools, data and actionable insights.
  • Strategic partnership

    A proven engagement roadmap ensuring attainment of your desired business outcomes based on deeper understanding of your business and your customers.

  • Proactive engagement

    Proactive engagement on best practices ensuring your business continuity based on the deep understanding of your business and technological needs.

  • Higher accountability

    Seamless and continuous relationship to drive your business success with clear intent and accountability across your journey with us.

Unlocking your success with Customer Success Team

Tata Communications’ Customer Success Team is committed to listen, deliver and embrace your business priorities. Get a peek into our Customer Success Team ecosystem and understand:
  • What sets us apart
  • Roles and responsibilities of the dedicated Customer Success Team members
  • How you can experience a seamless journey with us
  • Blog

    The Solutions Architect’s approach to customer success

  • Blog

    Adapting and growing into the new world

    In this piece, Tata Communications’ Steve Jenkins, Vice President, Solution Sales, Europe, explores how major technology companies pivoted their digital infrastructures in the face of COVID-19 to ensure their employees were safe and productive, while seamlessly supporting the needs of their customers.
  • Thought Leadership

    Delivering the best customer experience in adverse pandemic conditions

    With the global crisis caused by Covid-19, enterprises shifted their focus on ensuring employee safety, business continuity & employee productivity, and we saw the emergence of new yardstick for customer experience (CX). In this blog, Rahul Mathur, Global Head of Customer Experience at Tata Communications, focuses on the new digital transformer – ease of doing business from home – and how it’s changing the entire business ecosystem. Read more
  • Thought Leadership

    Customer Success and the evolution of marketing

    Customer Success and the integration of functions such as marketing, sales, professional services, training & support

Award and Recognition

Ensure the success of your digital transformation journey with our Customer Success Team