An enhanced web browsing experience for your customers

Over the years, web pages have grown larger to deliver complex web applications with richer content, like high-resolution images and video. This has resulted in longer load times, leading to a degraded end-user experience and higher bounce rates. Tata Communications’ CDN-backed Website Acceleration Services enhances the digital experience by ensuring that all the components of your page are optimally delivered and displayed. Leverage this best-in-class service to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions leading to higher revenues.

Explore endless possibilities with our acceleration services

Whole site acceleration

Render your website content fast to keep prospects & customers engaged. Our nodes riding on Tier 1 network enables low latency in delivering varied web components.


Dynamic site acceleration

We leverage our global network to identify the best performing route-to-origin to deliver dynamic content with least latency & off-loading concurrency from origin.


Large file downloads

A high throughput architecture assures delivery o large file payloads consistently with a high degree of predictability and negligible cache misses.

Why choose Tata Communications’ CDN acceleration services
Hear from our customers
Yazad Anklesaria
Deputy General Manager, Technology and IT, Saregama India

Tata Communications did everything as quickly as possible to mitigate the network attack. They instantly grasped the extent of the situation and deployed a DDoS solution, even before a contract was signed.

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