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Accelerate your digital journey with secure network transformation

The enterprise network is the foundation of every digital-first business. But with greater connectivity and security challenges, enterprises must rethink network architectures from the bottom up – building a reliable, high-performing, flexible and adaptable network that’s secure by design and puts end-user experiences at its core. It’s important that your secure network transformation goals help:
Elevate customer experiences by providing a secure, app-centric network
Strengthen cyber security with robust business rules defined by user access
Achieve operational efficiency and agility with real-time visibility and control
Support the hybrid workplace with secure remote access

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Build a cloud-first, internet-first network that’s future-ready
Traditional networks are not up to today’s cloud-first approach and work-from-anywhere model. Enterprises must rearchitect to agile hybrid network to achieve the performance they need, with:
  • Direct access from branches and remote sites to the cloud
  • Performant, resilient access to corporate WAN
  • Improved user experience through faster response times
  • Seamless, secure access from any location and any device
  • Connectivity choice (dedicated internet, public internet, MPLS)
  • Predictable, MPLS-quality internet at lower cost of ownership
Embrace greater agility with on-demand control over your network
Long lead times, provider dependency and lack of visibility can all derail growth. To make agility your competitive edge, you need on-demand control to flex your network and:
  • Implement security policies to meet needs and stay secure
  • Spin up new sites, branches, apps and gateways quickly
  • Add bandwidth instantly to scale on demand
  • Gain full visibility for consistent network performance
  • Initiate routing policy changes in real-time for more performance and security
  • Lower cost and complexity with pay-per-use model
Seamless multi-cloud connectivity for elevated performance
Setting up individual connections for the multi-cloud reality is costly and complex. With seamless cloud-to-cloud connectivity through a mesh of public and private networks, you can:
  • Move data and workloads securely between environments
  • Ensure regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Ensure reliable connectivity to multi-cloud environments
  • Connect to leading cloud services with embedded security
  • Improve performance for your end users
Converged network and security architecture in a cloud-first era
As users connect from anywhere, the perimeter approach to network security is not enough. Security must be built into your network design and delivered through the cloud, with both on-premises and cloud-based security, as well as secure access service edge (SASE) solution that:
  • Improve performance and reliability with integrated security
  • Run risk assessments across users, networks and applications
  • Enable zero-trust access for workers anywhere, on any device
  • Eliminate complexity in branch with a scalable cloud-based infrastructure
  • Combine Network as a Service and Security as a Service tools
A hybrid workforce for truly work-from-anywhere experiences
The hybrid workforce demands agile, flexible, and secure connectivity to branches, data centres and multi-cloud environments, supported by the right functionality at the right time.
  • Enable secure, anywhere access to cloud or data centre apps
  • Spin up new, high-performing access points in just a few hours
  • Embed zero-trust app access via public and private networks
  • Boost flexibility and user experience to drive productivity

Our solutions tailored to your current needs

We can:
  • bring together best-in-class networking technologies with multi-domain (Network, Cloud, Security) expertise across day 0, day 1 & day 2 services
  • design the best-fit solution based on current and future requirements
  • set up strong Hybrid WAN with world's first predictable internet in 150+ countries
<b>We can:</b> <ul class="bullet-points"> <li>bring together best-in-class networking technologies with multi-domain (Network, Cloud, Security) expertise across day 0, day 1 & day 2 services</li> <li>design the best-fit solution based on current and future requirements</li> <li>set up strong Hybrid WAN with world's first predictable internet in 150+ countries</li> </ul>

Customer success stories

The digital-first era demands more agility, efficiency and security from enterprise networks. We have helped our customers embark on a Secure Network Transformation journey to unlock these benefits.

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