Fast tracking BFSI’s digital transformation with a secure, scalable infrastructure

It is a digital world. Are you delivering precious “Moments of Yes!” to your customers? BFSI enterprises are expected to provide their customers with everything digital including – mobile banking, secured digital payments, virtual customer service and personalized financial products. Our financial services technologies help enterprises engage with their customers better by delivering omnichannel, distinguished customer experiences; facilitating a collaborative always-available workforce; with secured access to the customer data while ensuring compliance with strict regulations.

Empower your workforce with the tools they need to collaborate, engage and innovate
Enable secure access to critical financial data and corporate apps via public internet
Provide BFSI customers with seamless personalised experiences across all channels
Deliver truly omni-channel experiences with contact centre solutions and assisted selling via third party CRM integrations
Innovative Technology For BFSI Enterprises

Secured Access Performance

Our remote working solutions are fit for purpose and performance. We help BFSI enterprises empower their workforce with secure access to enterprise applications and critical customer data over public internet by enabling zero-trust secure connectivity to cloud or data centres. With our remote working solutions you can minimize your fears around latency and security of your employees, applications and data. Key Benefits:

  • Secure and seamless remote access to enterprise applications, delivering consistent employee experiences from anywhere
  • Scalable technology infrastructure, enabling an increase in remote working with the flexibility to scale at any point
  • Seamless extension of operations for BPO/KPO agents, allowing them to make calls remotely, without any concerns

Productive Collaboration

In a dynamic business environment, better communication results in greater customer loyalty and higher retention. Whether your teams are making sales calls, responding to customer queries or sharing files – with one unified, collaborative platform and the right tools, your people will have everything they need to collaborate, stay productive, enhance customer experiences and reduce your time to market. Our remote working solutions help BFSI enterprises transform how they collaborate. Key Benefits:

  • Easy extension of collaboration tools ensure BFSI teams can stay connected and productive from anywhere, on any device
  • Multi-party Communication brings additional experts and relationship managers into a conference in real-time through video or voice
  • Customer Relationship Management Integration integrates the CRM application into the Remote Working Solution to give virtual advisors and agents access to customer information for the current transaction, as well as to up-sell and cross-sell

Customer Experience

Tata Communications’ Customer Experience platform is here to support your BFSI business with growing customer demands and the pressure to offer more digital touchpoints. No matter the channel customers choose to use, our technology facilitates mobile banking, secure financial transactions and data-driven customer marketing – helping your business craft personalised, consistent customer experiences. Key Benefits:

  • Engage customers through any channel they choose
  • Automatic routing of customer requests to best-suited agents
  • Flexible operational model that enables fast-track deployment of remote agents to address critical situations and shifts in demand

Future-proofing BFSI during uncertain times

Our thought paper looks into how the global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of future-ready remote working technologies within the BFSI industry. We explore the challenges caused by this operational shift; the new breed of superhero fast-tracking BFSI in adopting digital technologies; and offer solutions designed to empower employees, deliver enhanced customer experiences and future-proof BFSI.

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