Corporate Governance for us means to consistently strive to bring more accountability to the entire spectrum of stakeholders while creating wealth legally and ethically.

We at Tata communications, as part of the Tata family, take pride in sharing the set of five core values of this family: integrity, understanding, excellence, unity and responsibility. These values, which have been part of the Group’s beliefs and convictions from its earliest days, continue to guide and drive the business decisions of Tata companies. The Group and its enterprises have been steadfast and distinctive in their adherence to business ethics and their commitment to corporate social responsibility. This is a legacy that has earned the Group and trust of many millions of stakeholders in a measure few business houses anywhere in the world can match.

Corporate Governance in substance rather than form is what the company believes in and actively implements. To implement this, a high level Corporate Governance council has been formed to ensure that the best practices of Corporate Governance are adopted.

We believe in fairness in words, actions and deeds with all our stakeholders.