Iron-clad Protection combined with blazing-fast performance for your website

Tata Communications Integrated Security and CDN solution can detect and mitigate volumetric attacks on your properties, prevent attacks on your web applications and secure your DNS. These functionalities, coupled with an inherently fast CDN, gives you the unique combination of speed and security. The Tata Communications’ CDN and security layers are built on a world-class Tier 1 ISP platform, to detect threats in real time, protect and provide a secure environment to deliver content to your end-users.

Explore endless possibilities with our integrated CDN security solution

DDoS mitigation

Distributed, on-net and off-net DDoS protection offers real-time non-invasive monitoring of volumetric attacks.



State-of-the-art Web Application Firewall infrastructure with customisable levels of protection helps you to fight web attacks, without sacrificing quality.


DNS security

An integrated, comprehensive DNS security layer in our CDN service protects your website and applications against attacks targeted at the DNS.

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